Founder of the Center for Autism, Assertiveness & SoCial SkIlls (CAASS)

Counseling Focus Areas

Some of the cognitive, behavioral, and neuro-developmental challenges I excel at helping people like you find solutions to. I have successfully helped clients' deal with many other issues, so if you don't see yours, contact me to see how I can best help you.
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Assertiveness & Social Communication Skills

Assertiveness and social skills are about making connections and having equality with others. Developing these skills can reduce anxiety and improve relationships. In fact, assertiveness training was originally designed to treat anxiety.

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Autism (ASD) & Asperger’s

People with ASD tend to think in pictures, while most other people think in words/emotions. This explains why it can be so hard for people with ASD to interact socially: they sense differently than other people.

Life’s Meaning & Purpose Questions

Using Logo and Philosophical Therapy approaches, clients can find practical ways to find purpose and meaning in life no matter what happens.

Center for Autism, Assertiveness & Social Skills (CAASS)

Kenneth J Smith, Founder
Help for Adolecents & Adults

The Center for Autism, Assertiveness & Social Skills (CAASS) exists to provide world-class clinical services to help teens (ages 12+) and adults with Autism/Asperger’s personality features meet life’s challenges. While there are services for children and teens in central Ohio with Autism, most services end after people become adults. CAASS with a commitment to helping those who need help with Autism/Asperger’s in late teens and adulthood. CAASS also helps anyone who needs help overcoming social phobia/anxiety or in need of learning how to respect their rights and those of others assertively.

Kenneth Smith, MS, MA, LPCC-S

Bringing a diverse academic, professional, and personal background to help you.


I am deeply passionate about helping clients though counseling. Counseling has been very helpful in my personal life. I look forward to coming alongside client to provide the individualized perspectives and info they need to achieve their goals as fast as possible.
Like a good teacher, my goal is to help my clients to develop mental health skills that excel my own.

Academics & Research

My academic work and multiple degrees give me the expertise and insights to help many different clients. Personal academic focuses include understanding pain/stress and the psychological treatment of shame and guilt. Having both experimental and clinical training is a real asset when helping clients.
Degrees earned: BA in History, BSAgr. in Animal Science, MS in Behavioral Psych./Animal Welfare from Ohio State and a MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Union Ins. and Uni..

Professional Work

My professional work has included consulting and reviewing in over 350 businesses. This work has taken me to over 47 US states and 3 Canadian provinces. This extensive professional experience is of great use when helping clients deal with challenges and stress related to work, career, financial, and executive issues.
I have also had jobs running pigs in mazes, harvesting meat, and putting in septic systems. If your wondering, the 3 states I have not been to are RI, AK, and LA.

Fun Facts that Uniquely Help in Counseling

Training in meat tasting really helps getting Mindfulness. My love of philosophy, theater, and literature have made me highly empathetic. My expertise in animal welfare/ handling in slaughter-houses has made me highly skilled in assisting clients with Autism and Asperger’s.
When you study animal welfare the go-to person is Dr. Grandin who is known for her work in ASD & slaughter-houses. Her ideas’ helped developed my advanced insights into features of Autism, including the concept of thinking in pictures (aka Autism) vs thinking verbally (most people).